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Ship Industry Crew Formation

Ship’s crew must consist of professionals – trained, enduring, disciplined seafarers, ready for all sorts of difficulties and challenges. Therefore, the crew recruitment is performed not only with regard to employment duties but also with evaluation of psychological, intellectual and physical capacities of the personnel. The correct crew formation at the start ensures efficient well-coordinated work on board the ship irrespective of voyage geographical location.

Seagoing personnel selection

Seagoing personnel selection is a responsible and considerate approach.

The main objective of our employees’ crewing activity is safety and security of mission (cargo, crew, ship), quality and terms of fulfillment of clients’ contract obligations, prevention of hazardous impact on the environment and extra expenses of shipowners. Knowledge of the English language is a binding criterion of seamen selection as well as availability of international certificates of competence, including STCW.

Crews are selected for all types of vessels: general-purpose, bulk carriers, dry cargo ships, reefers, container carriers, tankers, chemical tankers, RO-RO, gas carriers, cargo-passenger ferries including merchant fleet vessels, operating in offshore zones.

Crew selection stages

- evaluation of applicants’ CVs, selection of ratings and officers candidates;

- taking a professional test and evaluation of seamen work capacities;

- oral personal interview, analysis of psychological and intellectual personality characteristics;

- evaluation of employment history, successfully  completed contracts and check of each specialist documentation in compliance with STCW Convention 78/95;

- estimates as to possible proficient teamwork of seafarers in a specific crew on board a ship of a particular type.

Selection of Personnel for Cruise Ships

A separate line of BETELGEIZE Crewing Agency activity is recruitment of highest level personnel for employment on cruise ships. The Agency selects competent officers, technicians, hotel and medical personnel with observance of all shipowners’ requirements.  

Having the advantage of work experience with the respected cruise companies and manning of large foreign cruise ships, BETELGEIZE crewing managers know special aspects of administration and servicing of such vessel type and take into consideration individual abilities, experience, competence of personnel.  

Luxury class mobile hotel cruise ships require high professional feedback, language skills, sociability and commitment. BETELGEIZE Crewing Agency will help to form each crew to the satisfaction of all guests - cruise participants. 

Being an intermediary between a shipowner and a seafarer we do our best to select a good job for an applicant with prospects for advancement and good wages, and competent and responsible personnel ready to carry out their duties properly for owners of sea-going ships.