The major priority in our company’s cooperation with shipowners and seafarers is speed and quality of rendered services.

Ukrainian Crewing Agency BETELGEIZE

Speaking about maritime shipping it is important to rely on professionals who do good job irrespective of the circumstances. Quite difficult and responsible job on management and servicing of merchant maritime fleet, cruise ships and heavy industrial vessels demands efficiency and motivation to build such challenging career.    

Experience and mission 

BETELGEIZE Crewing Maritime Agency was founded in Ukraine in 2001, more than 16 years ago.  
As of today, BETELGEIZE won confidence of respectable customers as a well-tried maritime agency in Kherson.  During this period hundreds of crews have been recruited, thousands of maritime fleet employees have been trained; a very large database of seamen application forms (more than 6000) has been collected. There is a backup database of various   profession for officers and ratings of 20-50 years age. 
Mission of our existence lies in professional recruitment of sea-going personnel for promotion of our clients’ welfare, timely implementation of contract obligations on cargo deliveries and passenger transportation. 

BETELGEIZE Crewing Agency takes seriously own mission, we employ skilful recruiters, personnel managers, psychologists, specialists who are able to define professional skills and check experience of seamen who can properly perform their duties in the global sea basin. 

Peculiarities of Crewing Activity 

Work with large international shipowners made possible to find main criteria of personnel selection for employment on vessels of any type and in any country. We recruit sea-going personnel both as complete crews and as a single seafarer with regard to physical and psychological features of seamen, their experience and professional skills, previously employed contracts.  Complement with professionals is performed both for Ukraine and for foreign shipowners. All applicants take test, undergo oral interview and check of documentation. Knowledge of foreign languages and teamwork skills are also compulsive for analysis. All candidates possess the required Certificates of Competence, including STCW Certificate.
The Company focuses on work with cadets and students of Maritime Educational Institutions providing for their special selection for maritime practice training.   

Important Emphases in Work

It is worth while to pay attention separately to officer’s selection, as time periods and ship’s safety, job climate in team and strict adherence to set tasks depend upon operative maritime management. So our Agency is the most careful in seamen recruitment.

Prior to employment the seafarers undergo a briefing in compliance with STCW Convention and ISM Code, and also according to shipowner’s company Quality Management System.  
BETELGEIZE services comply with I.M.O., I.S.M, STCW Standards. 
The company works closely with shipowner’s crewing department and keeps up will all demands.   BETELGEIZE keeps all the information regarding seamen, vessels and companies strictly confidential.

Being an intermediary between a shipowner and a seafarer we do our best to select a good job for an applicant with prospects for advancement and good wages, and competent and responsible personnel ready to carry out their duties properly for owners of sea-going ships.